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Love 'n Fresh Flowers

We have so many weddings happening this spring.  Way more than I can blog about.  It’s been an incredibly creative season so far and it’s only May!  But this particular wedding was a must for the blog.  Not just for all the pretty photos, but also for the awesome couple.

Love 'n Fresh Flowers

Amanda and her mom came to me so very excited for her big day, full of amazing ideas that I couldn’t wait to execute.  For starters, the wedding was at Terrain at Styers, recently voted one of the top 22 dream wedding locations in the US.  It also happens to be one of my own  personal favorite places to go for inspiration. I included a couple scenery shots in the gallery below so you could see how incredible it is.  Of course I was thrilled to decorate this rustic chic space.  And Amanda’s definition for her vision was perfection.  She asked me for “simple magnificence”.  In the end, I’m not sure how “simple” it was, but it surely was magnificent!

Love 'n Fresh Flowers

When choosing and arranging the flowers, I was very keen to make it feel like the flowers might actually have been growing right there in the expansive and curated nursery at  Terrain, and I just happened to come along to pick them and artfully arrange them inside on the tables.  Of course, I didn’t, but the designs really did fit so perfectly with this plant-lovers heaven.  There was heaps of graceful Solomon’s Seal, woodsy ferns, green berries, ebony seed pods, funky dianthus, billowy ranunculus, dramatic anemones, lush huechera, daintyaquilegia, and so much more!   Also included in the centerpieces where deer antlers and pheasant feathers that the groom himself had, um, procured.

Love 'n Fresh Flowers

The pheasant feathers were also incorporated into Amanda’s bouquet and Anthony’s “huntsman” boutonniere.  To say Amanda’s bouquet was one of my all-time favorites still somehow does not communicate how incredible it was.  For the sake of transparency, it was not all locally grown.  Amanda loves tan roses and so I bought in a few just for her.   Some other California-grown bits and pieces were also intermixed with the blooms I grew myself.  The results were ethereal and fragrant . . . and gigantic!  It all went perfectly with Amanda’s stunning custom gown and Anthony’s handsome tan vest and trousers.   They looked like models!  But they were/are a real-life couple that was so very happy and excited to tie the knot.

Love 'n Fresh Flowers

Thank you, Amanda and Anthony, for letting Love ‘n Fresh be part of your amazingly beautiful and heartfelt celebration!  xoxo

  Love 'n Fresh Flowers7

Love 'n Fresh Flowers6

Love 'n Fresh Flowers4

Wedding at Terrain

Love 'n Fresh Flowers17

Love 'n Fresh Flowers54

Love 'n Fresh Flowers20

Love 'n Fresh Flowers92

Love 'n Fresh Flowers75

6 Responses to “Real Wedding :: Amanda & Anthony”

  1. Celia

    I am particularly found of the boutonniere with the feather and lichened-wood details and the bridesmaids’ wreaths. So natural and unique! Love it.

  2. Amanda

    Jennie, this blog is beautiful! I know I should not be on the internet on the honeymoon but I HAD to!! It was truly an honor to work with you and to call you a friend. Without you and your amazing talent my “dream wedding” would not have been perfect! Even before I met with you I knew you would see my vision. Your designs were more the I could have ever imagined and my bouquet, the bouquet completely took me back!!! It was far beyond perfection!!! We loved every inch! We both thank you from the bottom of our heart! Xoxoxo!

    • Jennie Love

      AMANDA!!!!! I just adore you and you know it. I hope you had an amazing time on the honeymoon! Talk soon! xoxo

  3. Lia

    Every bit of their wedding is dreamy! I LOVE the flower wreaths. Where are the bridesmaid dresses from?


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