Design Philosophy

design philosophy image

We are enchanted by texture, variety and color. Especially texture.

We believe that locally-grown flowers are amazingly and heartbreakingly beautiful. Especially those we grow ourselves.

We love to embrace nature’s simple glory and design our flowers as if they were still growing in the field. Especially if they could grow condensed into a perfect bouquet.

We rather dislike anything fussy or stuffy. Especially dyed flowers, rhinestones, or the classic (boring?) long stem rose sold by the dozen.

We love all things worn with age and love. Especially anything hand-made.

We are perhaps a little obsessive with little details. Perhaps more than a little.

We use the term “vessel” rather than “vase” because we love piling beautiful blooms into unexpected, often vintage and one-of-a-kind, containers. Especially tarnished metal.

We love the seasons and how they bring a new palette of colors and blooms with them. Because of this, what we do is never boring or stale.

We love flowers because they are living poetry. We want to live poetically and help you do the same.

Above all, we are flower fanatics. Especially for the locally grown ones.