Speaking Engagements

Jennie Love A nationally recognized leader in the floral industry, Jennie Love is available for speaking engagements. She has been a presenter for numerous garden clubs as well as larger events and symposia, such as the annual Today’s Horticulture symposium at Longwood Gardens.  Educate your audience on the value of locally-grown flowers, how to grow them, and/or how to design with them. A popular talk for garden clubs is entitled “Backyard Bouquets” and walks audiences through the basics of planting and harvesting from a cut flower garden at home. A lecture entitled “A Better Bouquet” is available for professional audiences interested in learning more about sustainable floriculture.  Jennie is happy to do live floral design demonstrations in conjunction with talks.

Please contact info@lovenfreshflowers.com with inquiries about speaking engagements.





On behalf of the Talbot County Garden Club, a huge thank you to you for sharing your inspiration, fresh energy and experience with us. . . Everyone thought it was one of the very best programs we’ve ever had and we cannot thank you enough. . .The positive feedback from your visit continues to pour in. You know when the elders are happy we nailed it on the head. Your powerpoint presentation and demonstration were fantastic. Not to mention the dahlias. I may have to drive up to Philly and buy some at your farm because they don’t grow them like that around here. . .

~ Samantha M.
Talbot County Garden Club, Maryland