Wedding FAQs

Love 'n Fresh Wedding FAQ

Love ‘n Fresh Flowers’ Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers

Q: Where is your shop?

A: Love ‘n Fresh does not have a shop. We work out of a private design studio located on charming Ardleigh Street in the Chestnut Hill neighborhood of Philadelphia. Since we do not have a retail shop, the address to the studio is only shared with clients that need to find us there and hours are by appointment only.

Q: I want to visit the farm! How do I get there?

A: Since our fields are tricky to find, we’re almost always busy trying to get critical tasks done, parking is limited, and our landlords have asked us to limit visitors, the farm is not open to the public. We occasionally host on-farm floral design workshops and open-house tours. We encourage you to visit during one of those times. Stay up-to-date on new events by signing up for our eNewsletter on the Contact page. We also post heaps of photos of the farm on Facebook and Instagram so you can visit virtually that way.

Q: I want to use your Bulk Botanicals to do my own wedding flowers. When can I come in for a consultation?

A: We do not offer complimentary consultations to customers who are just purchasing bulk flowers and not using our design services. If you need help figuring out your DIY wedding flowers, we offer floral design workshops throughout the year.

Q: I just found Love ‘n Fresh and want to place a deposit right away to save my wedding date. How do I do that?

A: We do not accept deposits until we have had a chance to meet with you to discuss in detail your vision for the big day. We want to make sure we’ve got good chemistry together since we’ll be collaborating a lot. After your consultation, we’ll put together a detailed event proposal. After you’ve reviewed it, you can then place the reservation deposit. Sorry, but there are no exceptions to this rule.

Q: I’m an out-of-town bride/groom and my mom is going to handle all the planning since she’s there. Will you meet with her?

A: While we adore moms, here at Love ‘n Fresh, we really want to get to know our couples first before booking. In our minds, you are the most important people on your wedding day, and we want to hear first hand from you what your vision is. We’re happy to Skype, FaceTime, or just chat on the phone with out-of-town couples to get the process started. Once the deposit is placed, we will happily meet with mom as needed to get all our ducks in a row.

Q: How do I rent your chuppah?

A: Our chuppah structure is only available for rent to our Full Service wedding clients.

Q: I’m getting married in over a year, but am anxious to make sure I reserve Love ‘n Fresh! When can we meet?

A: We’re so excited that you’re so excited! However, we do not offer consultations and take reservations more than 12 months out from your wedding date. This is because we are a small farm and design studio, and it is challenging to manage more than one year’s weddings at a given time. You’ll appreciate this policy when it is your turn to walk down the aisle, knowing we’re focused on you and not next year’s couples.

Q: I’m hosting a large party (not a wedding). Would Love ‘n Fresh be able to provide flowers?

A: Sure! Just make sure to get in touch with us as far out as possible from the party date so we can make sure we have room in the schedule for you.

Q: I want to become a flower farmer too. Can you tell me more about how to get started?

A: Awesome!! Spread the local flower love! For starters, join the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers ( and read through the invaluable information on their website’s “bulletin board”. Also be sure to buy a copy of The Flower Farmer by Lynn Byczynski. A copy of Specialty Cut Flowers by Allan Armitage is also handy to have. If you’re in the Philadelphia area, attend one of our workshops and chat directly with Jennie. Details will be available on the Workshops page.

Q: Do you travel for weddings?

A: A traveler at heart, I (Jennie) would love to say “yes!” to this question. However, as much as I love travel, I love working with locally grown flowers more. I do not generally agree to travel for weddings unless there is at least one decently-sized flower farm near your wedding locale and the farmer has agreed in advance to work with us on providing locally grown flowers.