Spring Scenes

Love 'n Fresh Flowers

Going into our eighth full season of flower farming has been an unexpected mix of wild successes and disheartening failures.  A tractor that stayed in the repair shop for three months too long.  A cooler that broke in the middle of a record-breaking heat wave in April (in APRIL!!!), zapping all our stored tulips.  A fox attack that took a very special and dear duck from our flock.  A new “maximum security” deer fence installed around a full acre of our farm… a very time-consuming task.  The weather over the course of the “winter” of 2016/2017 and the following “spring” months was a roller coaster of extremes…too hot too early, too cold too late, too wet too long.  Staple early spring crops like ranunculus, narciussus and hellebores were a near total loss.  We called in a lot of favors with our fellow farmer community to fill our gaps.  And we’re so grateful for that community!

But despite the challenges, the flowers — and more importantly the events they decorated — have been phenomenally beautiful!  It has been, by far, our most successful design/event season yet and we’re awfully proud of the beauty that has been crafted.  It’s just taken a little extra grit and determination on our part.  If anyone ever tells you flower farming is easy, you point them in my direction for a stern little chat!

Jennie Love of Love 'n Fresh Flowers

Fritillaria at Love 'n Fresh Flowers

Tulip harvest at Love 'n Fresh Flowers

Ranunculus growing at Love 'n Fresh Flowers

Love 'n Fresh Flowers bridal bouquet

Love 'n Fresh Flowers bridal bouquet

Love 'n Fresh Flowers bridal bouquet


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