Backyard Bouquets {5.8.14}

Love 'n Fresh Flowers


This week I’m running a million miles a minute to keep up with everything….weddings, workshops, massive Mother’s Day orders, weeding, planting, meetings, and so much more!  I was in a bridal-bouquet-frame-of-mind, being on break between creating several for the weekend, when I made this romantic feminine bunch.  The iris once again stole the show (and were the muse).  Damn those attention-hogging iris!  But look closely at the details, and you’ll discover the sweetness of the warm blush and speckles on the dainty hellebores at the center.

Feel free to add a link to your own Backyard Bouquets by clicking on the little blue guy below and following the prompts. If you are on Instagram, feel free to use the hashtag #backyardbouquets to join in the fun. I’d love to see what everyone is growing and creating!

The only “rule” is that all the elements in the arrangement must be sourced locally, within a 25 mile radius. Your own backyard is a great place to start!!


Love 'n Fresh Flowers

Love 'n Fresh Flowers


6 Responses to “Backyard Bouquets {5.8.14}”

  1. Terri Bowlby-Chiasson

    Jennie, that is absolutely adorable! Fresh, alive, gorgeous! Inspirational! Just what I needed to see on a Friday morning as I go off to work. Here in Nova Scotia, our spring flowers have been very reluctant to open and show their pretty little faces…patience is a virtue! Thank you for sharing your creativity! You are amazing! Hope you get to have some rests in between the busy-ness. And Happy Mother’s Day to you!

    • Jennie Love

      Thanks so much, Terri! I hope spring comes shortly to Nova Scotia! We are so far behind schedule here, I know what it’s like to wait agonizingly for those blooms! :-)

  2. Yelena Shumakova

    This is just so breathtaking and inspiring! One day, I’ll have a backyard all of my own. One day, I’ll have a flower field to grow everything I want to grow. One Day! Until that one special day, I’ll settle for a few raised bed gardens and inspiration from you!


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