Backyard Bouquets {5.15.14}

Love 'n Fresh Flowers

I taught a fun workshop at the farm over the weekend called Vintage Vases & Blooms and made a similar design to this week’s installment of Backyard Bouquets in a milkglass compote. I liked the design but didn’t love it in the milkglass compote and it was nagging at me a bit.  One of the students at the workshop was so very sweet to actually bring me a box of vintage European tins to add to our collection for weddings.  As I dug through the box yesterday, I squealed when I saw this particular hot cocoa tin.  The tin’s colors were perfect to really compliment the intense orange, peach, and ruby palette I had been playing with at the workshop.  I was so much happier with the finished design this time; proof that a vessel can really make or break a beautiful arrangement.  

This spring I have definitely been in love with a more saturated blend of hues and mixing the ever popular peach with more dramatic tones.  What do you think?  Are you digging it too?

Love 'n Fresh Flowers

Feel free to add a link to your own Backyard Bouquets by clicking on the little blue guy below and following the prompts. If you are on Instagram, feel free to use the hashtag #backyardbouquets to join in the fun. I’d love to see what everyone is growing and creating!

The only “rule” is that all the elements in the arrangement must be sourced locally, within a 25 mile radius. Your own backyard is a great place to start!!


Love 'n Fresh Flowers19

This week’s bouquet included Icelandic poppies, tulips, ranunculus, anemones, allium buds, brassics seed pods, ruffled purple kale, and lambs ear.

Love 'n Fresh Flowers

Love 'n Fresh Flowers

7 Responses to “Backyard Bouquets {5.15.14}”

  1. Melissa

    This is gorgeous, love the tin and the color combo! I’m really into dramatic and moody like colors for spring right now! On the tulip in the center, did you curl the petals back or was it almost to the blown out stage? I’m curious as to how you got that look of the fully open tulip.

  2. Lisa Conn

    Just luscious…the colors remind me of ripe summer fruit – peaches and plums!

  3. Kim

    Love the look and shape of that wide open tulip! And I’m psyched that you’re going to be posting gorgeous bouquets each week too!


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