Awbury Arboretum + Birchtree Launch Party


We have had the pleasure of frequently working with both Awbury Arboretum and Birchtree Catering over the years.  We were thrilled when they officially “tied the knot” this fall when Birchtree became the exclusive caterer at this charming, low-key venue in historic Germantown.   If you’re in the market for a wedding venue, we highly recommend looking at Awbury!!

A recent lovely evening soiree/showcase at Awbury celebrated the launch of this new collaboration.  Love ‘n Fresh Flowers decorate the tent with lush centerpieces full of autumn dahlias and other goodies all grown at our farm just a few miles away.  Talk about keeping a wedding local and sustainable! Looking forward to many weddings and other events with these two great vendors in 2018 and beyond!

Many thanks to BG Productions for snapping and sharing photos!!   I snuck a few hurried iPhone photos of my own into the mix but I’m sure you all will be able to tell which are which!

Photo Sep 07, 5 17 35 PM





Photo Sep 07, 5 12 36 PM


Photo Sep 07, 5 18 15 PM

Photo Sep 07, 5 21 28 PM

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2 Responses to “Awbury Arboretum + Birchtree Launch Party”

  1. Mindi

    Hi Jenny,
    What are the green and purple berries?! I’m always looking for more berries to grow and use! Also, in the centerpiece with a cafe dahlia, what is the green/silver ‘flower’ that shoots out above left of the cafe dahlia?! Thanks,

    PS Your flowering is absolutely brilliant and I hope to meet you some day! Happy New Year!

    • Jennie Love

      Hi Mindi –
      Thanks for your comment! The green and purple/black berries laying on the table are wild grapes. The more reddish “berries” in the bottles are talinum. The funky green “flower” beside the cafe dahlia is an air plant. Fun, right? Happy flowering!


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