2018 Workshop/Class Schedule Is Up!


I love teaching.  I put myself “all in” every time. I get highly invested in understanding each student’s inborn strengths so together we can build on those. If invited, I also get equally invested in tackling some of their weaknesses. In most classes, I spend a lot of time talking about my own experiences and weaknesses too — if someone cares to ask.  I bare all.  I usually get goofy.  I can be pretty blunt, especially when it comes to talking about challenges facing our flower tribe in the future.  Together we all find quiet strength and ample relaxation in a shared creative process as we experience the beauty Mother Nature has to dish out.


For me, teaching is a really deep dive into first finding and then giving what each student needs from their time with me. At Master Classes, it’s usually fairly easy to find out what brought each student there. We pretty quickly get to be a tribe of soul sisters in those classes. But even with the Floral FUNdamentals  workshops, most students are there for a reason deeper than just “playing with flowers.” They are seeking an outlet, a connection, a memory, or an escape from the steady, same-old-same-old pace of their lives.


What I love most about teaching is something you might not expect.  Teaching leaves me raw and wide open; fully drained.  After most classes, I feel a certain kinship with a quiet puddle of rain water after the storm. I guess that might sound like a negative outcome to teaching, but in truth that is what leads to growth within myself and my business. I’m one of those people who is strongly introverted, but not in the least bit shy. So teaching is easy but very tiring. After a workshop or class, my busy mind is finally quiet. Surfacing in that stillness are only the most important thoughts.  Mental chatter faded, I can see my own steps forward more clearly.


So all of this is to say that I can’t wait to start teaching again in the 2018 season!! And I really hope you’ll join me! The schedule for our Floral FUNdamentals Workshops is posted now. Registration for these fun and easy floral design practicums on our farm open 30 days before each class date. But you can mark your calendars now! And ask for a gift certificate for the holidays that you can apply towards registration later. {From now until December 18th, any $50 gift certificate purchased will be valued at $60 when redeemed!}


The schedule for our “From Seed to Centerpiece” Master Classes is also posted. I’m revamping these intensive professional courses a bit in 2018 to make them even better and more powerful for students. The descriptions for these courses will evolve a bit once I’ve got it all fleshed out. But for the time being, you can see the dates we’ve reserved for hosting them at our beautiful farm in Philadelphia so you can plan accordingly. Registration for those will open up January 2nd. {Again, you can apply gift certificates to registration for these so take advantage of that special mentioned above!}


And I’ll be traveling to teach some in 2018. I love taking the show on the road so if you’re in a more distant locale from our farm, say British Columbia or Ireland, and know you can get a collective of floral professionals together in your community to host, I’m happy to come to you!

As I look out over my fields with a gentle snow falling, I’m so grateful for how much inspiration and excitement I get out of planning thoughtful curriculum and putting together class workbooks.  This is a great way to stay busy in the winter!

(All photos in this post were taken by the lovely Jessica/The Smiths Do Love during the fantastic Foraged Collective hosted by Roadside Blooms in Charleston this past summer.)


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